„WHY“ is the world unfair for some?

Available on all music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Beatport etc.

The track "WHY" was created because I experience racism against a friend of my family. 
"WHY" is also dedicated to our friends in Ukraine, they can not have a normal life at home. WHY? 🕊

I`m super happy - my live hybrid set from the Serve and Rave tennis court Zollikerberg Zurich is available on Soundcloud...
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I am very happy about my new music release on my favorite Organic House label Elysion from Germany.

Available on all music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Beatport etc.

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(no subscription needed - all music and live sets for free)


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music lover.  music producer.  organic & afro house dj.

At the tender age of 5, syost learned to play Schwizerörgeli (Swiss harmonica) and spent many of his early years performing in concerts all across Switzerland.

At 12, his musical curiosity led him to discovered Blues music and in turn sparked another passion within him to take up guitar lessons.

As his musical appetite grew he joined a funk-rock band and eventually his creative journey opened him up to his second love, electronic music.

From the onset these two loves, ignited an idea he had, to mix electronic music with live instruments and combine his creative passion for both of the styles.

Countless Ibiza adventures and high-level musical festival influences from Tulum, New York, Berlin (to name but a few) have inspired him to give birth to his current style of music. After many years as an enthusiastic listener, the summer of 2019 gave birth to his creative musical talents as he attend a music producer course in Zurich.

Since this course, syost has been given free rein to his musical creativity in which he mixes his guitar craft from earlier times with his electro tracks...

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Silvan Yost


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